Restaurant POS must-haves for reopening and beyond

Is your restaurant ready for its biggest comeback? From contactless tableside ordering and payments to delivery and ecommerce, open your doors to the new hospitality essentials.


Let customers order and pay at table right from their phones.

Offer a safe way to dine in at your restaurant with digital menus and contactless payment right from the table—no terminals needed. Increase turnover and efficiency, even with limited staff, by letting customers order and pay on their phones.

  • Reopen your restaurant safely with contactless ordering and payments
  • Replace slow, manual ordering with QR code ordering that lets customers take control over their dine-in experience
  • Let customers order on their phones for pickup, delivery and dine-in
  • Increase your check size while managing your restaurant operations with limited staff by setting orders to fire straight to the kitchen printer

Offer contactless payments to protect your customers and staff.

Handle all swipes, taps, tips and splits and with an EMV-compliant terminal restaurant POS software at no extra cost. If you're on the go, offer fast mobile payments with our integration solution.

  • Offer fast transactions anywhere with every swipe, dip and tap of every credit, debit and gift card
  • Add tips on the spot or add them later when you have time
  • Open tabs and place orders under customer accounts
  • Set custom tip redistribution for your team

Reopen your restaurant with a redesigned floor plan for social distancing

With just a tap and slide, increase spacing between tables with a floor plan that reflects your new restaurant layout. Work from a POS system that works for you and make adjustments in real time.

  • Move tables and make adjustments to your floor plan so your staff always know where to go
  • Accommodate last-minute reservations and special requests on the spot
  • Use custom images for tables, seats and decor to properly represent your space
  • Follow your guests and easily transfer items to a different table, seat or floorplan

Serve more customers with delivery and pick up.

Reach customers wherever they are with an integration made to keep you serving through the unexpected. Sync your menu with major food delivery apps, manage all orders and reach new customers quickly in a changing industry.

  • Get orders from top apps like UberEats and DoorDash sent directly to your POS
  • Maximize your delivery zone to reach as many customers as possible
  • Work efficiently by consolidating online orders on one single screen
  • Use Lightspeed’s reporting tools to see what’s working and spot new opportunities

Offer a superior checkout experience with Customer Facing Display.

Give customers a breakdown of their orders on a branded iPad screen.

  • Be transparent with your customers and let them see the full breakdown of their order
  • Customize the look of your display by adding your logo, brand colors and imagery
  • Visually present information like item details, subtotal price, tax percentage and total and total price for the order
  • Set up your display easily by downloading the app and pairing it with your Restaurant POS over wifi and start displaying orders

Take your hospitality business to the next channel.

Extend your business beyond your front door with eCom for Restaurant. Connect with your guests online and add a new revenue stream.

  • Sell merchandise and other fan favourites through our eCommerce platform
  • Ensure everyone has a table with an intuitive reservation system
  • Showcase your menu so your guests know exactly what they can expect
  • Link to all major food delivery services and serve the stay-at-home crowd
eCommerce store

Business as (un)usual: Writing the rules of commerce.

Go behind the scenes with two creative Lightspeed customers as they reinvent their industries and change the way they do business. Watch their stories unfold as they navigate the crisis, overcome the unexpected and make plans to reopen even stronger than before.

The restaurant POS system that scales with your business.

Opening a new location? Oversee it from the same point of sale system as your current locations. Lightspeed Restaurant centralizes your business so you can manage them all at once.

  • Manage all your locations in one system
  • Generate multi-location reports to monitor your overall performance
  • Edit all your menus for all locations, no matter where you are, with no delay
  • Scale with a fully-featured solution you'll never outgrow

Stay efficient with built-in tools designed for your industry.

Whether you're serving in your dining room or delivering on the road, your employees rely on your restaurant POS to keep them efficient. Equip them with a system they'll love to use.

  • Equip your restaurant with self-order kiosks to allow customers to order themselves
  • Create custom combos and menu modifiers to speed up order taking
  • Give customers a breakdown of their orders with a customer facing display
  • Enable staff to fire full orders, courses or drinks to the kitchen or bar in just one tap

Use restaurant data and reports to increase your profits.

Get unrestricted access to all your data and reports via iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer. From granular sales data to trending menu items and an overall view of your business, all the information you need to make smart decisions for your restaurant is in your POS.

  • Assess your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly revenue with built-in reports in your POS system
  • Keep an eye on your top-selling (and least popular) menu items with product and category reports
  • Track employee performance with labor and shift reports
  • Dig even deeper into your revenue and performance with optional advanced reporting

"Technology has allowed us to create experiences and replace the elements that we no longer have control over with in-house dining. For us, it was really important to create an ordering process that was reflective of our brand and style and that evoked the elements that are behind Tinc Set."

The 24/7 support you've always wanted.

A one-on-one onboarding session. Webinars, demos, videos and guides. Unlimited 24/7 support for your restaurant. Everything you need, when you need it, all for free.

  • Free one-on-one onboarding session
  • Fully stacked library of guides, webinars, demos and videos
  • Unlimited 24/7 support included

Everything you need, in one place. Finally.

All our software integrates seamlessly with each other, creating an unbeatable suite of hospitality solutions.

  • One company to trust. One source of customer data. One support team
  • Get one fully-integrated restaurant system
  • Choose from basic to pro add-on options to best meet your needs

Sleek restaurant hardware with seamless POS integration.

Kitchen printers designed for hot and humid environments, kitchen buzzers that cut through noisy rushes, LiteServers that let you keep working offline and more—our top-quality restaurant hardware tailored specifically to your needs can handle the hustle of your busiest shifts.

Does the Lightspeed Restaurant POS software work with any loyalty programs?

Lightspeed Restaurant POS integrates seamlessly with Lightspeed Loyalty, an integration built and tailored to work with your Lightspeed point of sale.

Lightspeed Loyalty includes:

- A rewards program with a branded customer-facing web-app to track points
- A marketing tool to create automated SMS and email marketing campaigns
- A customer insights dashboard to track customer spending habits and marketing promotion results

An optional custom branded loyalty iOS app is also available for an additional fee.

Users who wish to switch from their current loyalty program to Lightspeed Loyalty may have all their current reward balance data ported to their new Lightspeed system by our team of experts.

How do tabs work in the Lightspeed point of sale system?

Tabs are assigned to individual customer accounts. Employees and waitstaff can add orders to a customer’s tab, apply a payment to a balance and review historical tabs through the Lightspeed POS Restaurant Manager.

When a customer makes an order and asks that it be put on a tab, the point of sale system gives you two options: adding it to their tab through the overview panel, or as a payment method. When it comes time to close a tab, you can push an invoice of all accumulated tab charges to the customer.

Because tabs are assigned to customers, they may be transferred between tables as the customer moves. This allows you to carry a tab through different sections of your restaurant, such as the bar and seated dining areas.

Do you have a credit card processor?

Lightspeed Payments now offers reliable and contactless payments for restaurants. For more information, please talk to an expert today. Lightspeed Payments for restaurants is available in the US only.

Outside of the US? We offer third-party payment integrations with a number of payment processing partners, including Moneris, and support non-integrated payments. However, integrated payments are more secure and have far less human entry error, so we recommend working with compatible partners.

Your restaurant success toolkit

Lightspeed is your partner in growth. Check out our free resources to help you design your menu and optimize operations in your restaurant.