Simplified retail accounting for your store

A seamless integration between your point of sale and accounting software for a painless day at the office.

Lightspeed Accounting

Link your POS to your accounting software

Lightspeed Accounting is an integration that creates a link between your point of sale and your store’s accounting system. It allows you to synchronize automatically your bookkeeping information between the two.

Lightspeed Accounting

Get 100% accurate numbers

Sales, payments, discounts or taxes, everything is transferred to the account of your choice in your accounting software. Pick a posting method and get a daily sales receipt, a profit and losses report and more.

iphone locations

Generate reports for all your locations

Data for your stores is gathered across locations, allowing you to organize your stores by sales, average ticket size and customer amount. Track trends, performance, and compare results with goals to truly understand how your business is doing.

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