Grow your business with the leading restaurant point of sale


The POS at the core of everything you do.

The fastest, most reliable point of sale backed by industry-leading support experts from every service type.

$69/mo if billed monthly
Additional registers +$34/mo

All the tools you need on one easy-to-use platform.

Starting at $12/monthly

Customize your POS with add-ons that help you work faster, improve communication and delight your customers.

  • Customer Facing Display
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Self Order Table Menu
  • eCom for Restaurant

Starting at $39/monthly
Premium add-ons

Never stop growing with premium add-ons that allow you to sell through more channels and retain more customers.

  • Accounting
  • Loyalty
  • Loyalty App
  • Self Order Kiosk
  • Delivery Integration
  • Order Ahead


Running a multi-location business? Need a PMS integration for your hotel restaurant? Speak with one of our experts today to discover the possibilities available for you with Lightspeed.

Your setup essentials.

Buy new hardware or use what you already have if that’s easier for you. We offer top-quality gear tailored specifically to your needs, that can handle the hustle of your busiest shifts.

Find the right add-ons for your business

Customer Facing Display

Offer your customers a better checkout experience with our Customer Facing Display, which lists out their order and total in real-time.

Kitchen Display System

Keep everyone in the loop and cut down on unecessary trips between the back and front-of-house with our Kitchen Display System.

Advanced Reporting

Customize your reports and drill deeper into the insights hidden in your data with Advanced Reporting.

Self Order Table Menu

Place an iPad on each table and let guests enter their own orders with our Self Order Table Menu.


From Quickbooks to Xero to Sage, connect your favorite accounting software to your POS with Lightspeed Accounting.


Engage and retain more of your guests with our all-in-one Loyalty platform. Includes a reward program, a marketing tool and a customer insight dashboard.

Loyalty App

Elevate your loyalty program with a customer-facing app guests can download to track points, claim rewards and add credit to their account.

Self Order Kiosk

Speed up order entry by setting up self-order kiosks in your restaurant so customers can enter their orders and pay themselves.

Delivery Integration

Automatically sync your menu to your favorite meal delivery services and receive orders directly in your POS.

Order Ahead

Reinvent your business with the online ordering platform that lets customers order ahead for delivery, takeout or curbside pickup—no contact, no third-party commission fees.