Join our Supplier Network today to attract the most pet shop buyers

Lightspeed POS is a pet store owner's best friend. Meet buyers where they're ordering to sell more and grow your business.

Join our Supplier Network today to attract the most pet shop buyers

Make more sales with a centralized system.

With Lightspeed's built-in catalogs, pet retailers can order products without ever leaving their POS. As a supplier, your products will be showcased to the most active retailers, making it easier than ever to unlock more sales.

  • Connect with thousands of Lightspeed pet supply stores actively looking to buy
  • Make it easier for pet retailers to find and order from you with organized catalogs
  • Increase your brand presence by ensuring you're visible to the most buyers
  • Gain new clients through this popular built-in Lightspeed feature

Trusted by pet retailers

Get loyal buyers and enjoy repeat orders.

Within Lightspeed POS, retailers have access to product feeds that match exactly what they need. Put your products front and center to encourage more orders, more frequently.

  • Streamline your small and medium business orders with one centralized system
  • Update catalogs with new products instantly
  • Increase your order frequency and consistency
  • Reduce errors and back-and-forth in accounting, shipping and invoicing

Stay in control of your products.

In Lightspeed POS, you control the product names, descriptions and images provided to retailers for online and offline use—making it easier for them to sell your products and provide accurate, detailed info to their customers.

  • Effortlessly update or edit product specifications anytime
  • Auto-populate your inventory with approved selling details
  • Increase client trust by sharing brand-approved assets
  • Keep your products looking and sounding their best for a sale

Start selling fast—no training required.

Get started with fast setup using our pre-built integrations. Join the pet shop marketplace that's changing the way suppliers sell.

  • Continue using your existing system to manage every order
  • Access our pre-built Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, EDI, SFTP and API integrations
  • Easily connect your custom system to our open API
  • Start selling wholesale to small to medium-sized businesses

Access an ever-growing network of retailers

Tens of thousands of merchants use Lightspeed to process over $20 billion in transactions.

What is a wholesale retail supplier?

A supplier is any brand, manufacturer, vendor or distribution partner who sells their products to a retailer.

How can I become a wholesale supplier?

To become a supplier, simply fill out the application form here.

How do I sell wholesale to retailers?

There are several ways to connect your products and enable ordering to your existing system, for free. Integration methods include our pre-built Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento integrations along with EDI, SFTP or API. Orders will be sent to your existing integrated platform.

Do all retailers have access to the Supplier Market?

The new Supplier Market feature will be released within the POS in phases. The first cohort of retailers to have access to the new feature is bike retailers. More business types to come!

Can a supplier refuse to sell to a retailer?

A wholesaler has the right to accept or reject a new retailer. The wholesaler can request a retailer sign their terms and conditions as part of the connection.

I already have an online b2b network, how is this different?

The Lightspeed Supplier Network is a closed loop B2B trade network for brands to pass product information and enable ordering for retailers, directly within their POS. Your brand will be exposed to an exclusive network of thousands of active buyers, both existing retailers and brand new potential retailers, in your target business type. Once you have integrated your brand, orders will flow directly into your existing B2B shop (or ERP) directly.